Our Team

Kyle DeVazier: Owner & Founder

Kyle was born in Oxford, MS and was raised just a few miles down the road in Batesville. Growing up hunting whitetail deer and squirrels with his dad, Kyle fell in love with the outdoors and the hunting lifestyle. While a lot of the time you'll catch Kyle shooting with his camera, this doesn't mean he misses his own opportunities in the woods. Early season bow hunting deer and spring turkey season are his favorite times to be in the woods, but won't skip an opportunity to hunt quail, ducks, or casting a line into the water. Currently Kyle is a supporting member of Ducks Unlimited, The NWTF, Trout Unlimited, and the Mississippi Bowhunters Association. Kyle works for a real estate media company as a photographer & videographer, but also freelances for companies such as Gator Waders, S2 Calls and ZipSip Brands. He and his wife, Hannah, call Sardis, MS home.


BJ Simmerman

BJ is a native of North Mississippi where his love for the outdoors was instilled in him at a young age by his father. BJ graduated from Mississippi State University with a bachelors in agronomy and precision agriculture. You can find him chasing deer and ducks in the winter, turkey in the spring and crappie all year 'round. Conservation efforts for BJ include being a member of Ducks Unlimited and the National Wild Turkey Federation. BJ is a farmer during most of the year but also guides duck hunts for Coldwater Duck Company and South Woods Duck Club. 


Marshall Merchant

Marshall is from Oxford, Mississippi where having a passion for the outdoors was natural for his family. Marshall says his favorite thing about the outdoors is the inner peace you receive just from being right in the middle of God's creation. He also enjoys seeing the benefits that are reaped from the hard work that was put in during the off season. Marshall enjoys supporting conservation organizations including Trout Unlimited, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Ducks Unlimited. Marshall is currently a full time dental student and will hopefully soon be the second dentist that is apart of the DVO family. 


Tyler Toole

Tyler, or as we call him, Toole; is from Teasdale, Mississippi and loves the outdoors more than most. He grew up squirrel hunting with his grandfather and gained the knowledge and love of the outdoors through him. Since then he has gained a love for hunting big whitetails in the fall and created a passion for turkeys in the spring. Although he would gladly take a game animal any day, he loves being outdoors and enjoying the scenes that the good Lord put in front of him. Conservation efforts include memberships of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the Mississippi Bowhunters Association and the National Wild Turkey Federation. Tyler is a nurse and he and his wife, Shelby, call Teasdale, MS home. 


Tyler Kimzey

Tyler, or as he’s mostly known as, Kimzey, grew up in Water Valley, MS and loves everything about the outdoors. Kimzey will knock a big buck down, but his attention is more focused on knocking green heads out of the sky and putting a big turkey on the ground in spring. Kimzey is a farmer in Water Valley, MS and guides duck hunts with Tallahatchie Hunts in the farming off season. Kimzey calls Batesville, MS home. 


Hunter Robison

Hunter grew up in north Mississippi and is widely known by his friends to more than likely be found in the woods somewhere. Hunter enjoys everything from taking over 11’ alligators in late August to knocking down longbeards in multiple states in the spring. Hunter enjoys involving himself in wildlife conservation, he currently holds memberships in the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the National Wild Turkey Federation, and the Mississippi Bowhunters Association. Hunter is a licensed PTA and he and his wife, Victoria, call Batesville, MS home.


Matt Dalton

Matt grew up in Water Valley, Mississippi where being outdoors was nothing out of the ordinary. Matt was instilled with a passion for small game hunting at a very early age and still enjoys the chase of rabbit and squirrels during the fall and winter seasons. Matt's attention has been turned to spring turkey season for the last several years and soaks in every moment he gets to be out in the turkey woods. Matt is a proud supporter of the Teddy Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, the National Wild Turkey Federation, and Trout Unlimited. Matt is a licensed attorney working in North Mississippi where his family calls home.


Mitch West

Mitch has been holding up trophy toms since before he could use his own mouth call. Raised in Batesville, Mississippi, Mitch has had an outdoor passion his entire life and it only continues to grow. Numerous turkey hunting trips to Missouri and Nebraska, Pheasant hunting, duck hunting, deer hunting and even helping raise quail on his own family's land, Mitch has experienced the outdoors in many different facets. Mitch graduated from Mississippi College with his MBA and holds the title of CPA. Mitch's conservation support comes in the form of memberships of the National Wild Turkey Federation and Quail Forever. Mitch and his wife, Brandy, call Memphis, TN home where he works at a major tax firm.



Reid Bensch

Reid was raised in a family that took full advantage of the natural wild resources that the state of Mississippi had to offer. Originally from Pope, Mississippi, Reid enjoys being an outdoorsman and has experienced everything from crappie fishing and strutting toms in the spring, to knocking big bucks down in the fall. Reid has gotten to experience the salt water side of the outdoors as he and his wife, Lindsey, lived on the East coast in South Carolina for four years while attending dental school. Reid, or as he is sometimes called, Dr. Reid, and Lindsey now call Oxford, MS home.